A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Random generated campaign with driving combat, item collection filled with zombies.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2156380/End_of_world_Survivors/

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@end_of_world_games

Daily updates: https://twitter.com/avowrot

Version history

Version Demo-1

  • Final (ish) demo version
  • All maps are now randomly generated
  • Balancing changes
  • Loads of minor things

Version 0.14

  • There is map to show progress
  • Bunkers are no longer locked
  • You need to pay a toll to move on to the next bunker

Version 0.13

  • Added more maps
  • Added more environmental details
  • Fixed a load of minor bugs

Version 0.12

  • Added a story intro
  • You now move bunker to bunker, no returning to original
  • You need to collect survivors before moving on
  • Zombies only drop heads not items
  • Added some cliff tile maps
  • Added a final demo map

Version 0.11

  • New HUD
  • Can now collect zombie heads and drop them off in the bunker for scrap
  • You now get paid in scrap for dropping off survivors in bunker
  • Added lots of effects such as things exploding into bits, skidmarks, smoke etc
  • When damage is low there is a lot more to indicate this, car is on fire, heartbeat sounds
  • Zombies now have levels, it shows on their health bar, green easy, orange medium and red hard
  • Added new graphics for the trees
  • Added walls
  • Fixed UI now to work with keyboard and controller
  • Added a title screen
  • Many small improvements everywhere

Version 0.10

  • A major rework of the game, a bunker is now your homebase
  • Unlock areas in your bunker with scrap
  • Upgrade, health and fuel are in your bunker
  • Drop survivors off in various places in your bunker
  • Changes how items drop and what type
  • Fuel/Health buildings now in the bunker, not on the map
  • lots of bug fixes

Version 0.9

  • Added another level
  • Added prisons which need unlocking
  • Added current task so you can see what you need to unlock prisons
  • Minor bugs

Version 0.8

  • Added a new level
  • Added gun turrets that shoot bullets

Version 0.7

  • Added a tutorial first map
  • Fixed a lot of stuff
  • Added the first real level

Version 0.6

  • Zombies now spawn constantly in random positions
  • Items also respawn randomly
  • Added locked buildings that need items to unlock
  • Added car inventory of 3 items
  • Added that the game ends at midnight if not complete
  • Added trading building where you can swap items for scrap
  • Automatically pick up scrap zombies drop
  • Added gold scrap that is worth a lot more, drops less

Version 0.5

  • Game now starts at the intro so you can choose your car
  • Fixed the help screen saying bunker is black dot but it is actually blue
  • Fixed game getting stuck when pressing escape on the upgrades popup

Version 0.4

  • Added road markings
  • Fixed the chunky car couldn't run over zombies because it was too slow
  • Skipping night was broken, now works again
  • A help popup shows up after a few seconds to explain the game a little more
  • Health and Fuel gauges are progress bars so more accurate
  • Zones you park on now have visual clues as to what is happening
  • Zones where you park will tell you the problem if there is one


eows-demo-1-linux.zip 106 MB
eows-demo-1-windows.zip 104 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip the game and run the executable, it doesn't need installing.

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